Dust Walker Madness

Progress – happy progress. I’ve finally finished 5 KV walkers to finish the bulk of the painting. I’ve also shuffled the platoons around to introduce Winter Child and reduce my painting requirements. Any way I’ll detail the new platoons later this week and do shots of each platoon together. Progress is also being made on the scenery, so that will feature soon. Lastly I’ll preview how we’re going to run the day and describe a couple of rule alterations to make things flow for newbies.

Any way, that’s enough waffle – on to the walkers.

First the KV-3. This variant is not so good. The gattling cannons maul infantry and light walkers, but so do most SSU units so there’s no real need for this walker. Unfortunately it’s not much good against aircraft (apparently due to the arms not being able to elevate far enough – that’s one Soviet engineer who is Gulag bound). However it is sexy and so perfect for a demo game


KV3M-Babushka-2KV3M-Babushka-3Next we’ve got one of the typical KV-47s. These aren’t as heavy as the KV-3 and don’t have anywhere near the range. However they’re cheap and for a demo game flame throwers that only work at close range should be good fun. Plus we’re in a city so they should get a good chance to cook somethingKV47A-Nadya-1KV47A-Nadya-2KV47A-Nadya-3Another KV-47 variant. This one has chainsaws – so it’s even more close range than the last. However for a demo game there is no option, but to field a chainsaw equipped miniature if available.KV47C-Natalya-1KV47C-Natalya-2KV47C-Natalya-3I know, another KV-47 variant. However this one is special (and hence red). It’s Koshka’s customer variant with the Howitzer (which is a lethal – if short range weapon) and the flame thrower.KV47M-GrandMa-1KV47M-GrandMa-2KV47M-GrandMa-3KV47M-GrandMa-4Lastly comes the aero KV-47. I’ve had some joy with this guy in my own games. Her greatest feat was to score about 7 damage on a Fireball and the hull breach critical damage. As a result of this critical any weapon can damage the fireball and armour is halved. The beast was finally brought down by a Chinese Volunteer squad (affectionately referred to as a meat squad). Ah – happy memories. I’m hoping whoever runs this uses it super agressively (I’ve included the whirly bird delivery wagon) and strips a couple of beasts.KV47Daero-Nina-1KV47Daero-Nina-2KV47Daero-Nina-3So that’s all of them, been a couple of weeks work there and a lot of repetitive work. These were done assembly line style where the assembly line grew as I caught up to a couple of the KVs that had been partially completed earlier. It’s been a bit of a battle. but they’re done now. It will also probably be a little while until I paint another 32mm vehicle: I’ve had enough – too many paint chips… so many paint chips.

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