Dust Warfare Mi-47 Helo & Heroes

I made some progress this week with a couple of Dust Warfare units for Little Wars. I finished the Mi-47 transport walker that’s been the subject of an earlier post about Anarchy Models’s stencils. I’m pretty stoked with how this has come out. The stencils are great and I’m happy with the heavily weathered look I’ve gotten. The storey behind this helo is that it’s survived the winter’s skirmishing after a busy autumn and now as spring is arriving and the grass is starting to reclaim the battlefield it is off to collect a new walker.MI46-WalkerTransport-01MI46-WalkerTransport-02MI46-WalkerTransport-03Next are a couple of heroes (sorry for the low quality shots – I should have gotten out the macro lens, but I was lazy and just used my standard one on a stupid setting. I’m not wrapped with how Yakov (the guy with the flamethrower) turner out. However, to be honest, it’s not a spectacular sculpt so I’m just going to live with it and move on. I must say the quality of Dust’s infantry isn’t great; they have a tendency to replicate a lot of parts across miniatures and this leads to some pretty goofy looking parts as the parts often don’t sit that well together in all the combinations chosen.Yakov-01Yakov-02That’s not an issue with the next model. Koshka is a unique single part model and I must say I really like it. As a result I’m also much happier with the model (if not the photography – it’s just too blurry) and my paint job is a lot better and more enjoyable to do.Koshka-01Koshka-02If you want to know how I’ve stuffed up the photo I used to small an f-stop on the camera. As such only a tiny hole in the middle of the lens was used. So you get a good depth of field, but unfortunately the inevitable imperfections in the camera lens mean it’s a bit blurry. Moral is next time to use a much wider f-stop and live with the depth of field.

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