Dwarf Blood Bowl Team

Dwarf BB Team

My first project for the year and it is my Dwarf Blood Bowl Team by Games Workshop.   It has been a long time between projects well over six months and this one was just hanging there for some time.  Part of the problem is motivation, I have not been motivated to paint anything.

But I want my Dwarf Blood Bowl Team for the next season the Monday Knights Blood Bowl League (MKBBL).  I need to play on easy mode for a bit and recharge.

I only use Scale75 Scale Colour Paints on this team.  The red, black and gold scheme just because I could.

I picked this team up at my FLGS Milsims and this team sits well next to my Ogre Team  which I painted a year ago and my Nurgle Team which I did two years ago.. Wow I really am only painting one team a year.. I may need to setup that up a touch…

I should note I also have the old Dwarf team from something like 1994..  Yep a 3rd Edition team.. Time to update them a little.

Out of the box, the Dwarf Blood Bowl Team has all the positional players.  2 Slayers, 2 Runners, 2 Blitzers, 6 Line Dwarfs.  This is the first team of the 2016+ editions I have bought that I didn’t need extra’s, I had to split a box of Ogres, I am still 2 priestigors short for the Nurgle team.

Painting the Dwarf Blood Bowl Team

Overall I am pretty happy with the scheme.  The red and black scheme is nice and easy to paint.


Lets start with the Reds

SC-35 Deep Red
SC-36 Blood Red
SC-38 Albebaran Red


SC-00 Black
SC-58 Graphine
SC-03 Graphite


SC-71 Necro Gold

highlighted with SC-75 Citrine

Skin, this is fairly simple for this skin.

SC-21 Pink Flesh
SC-20 Basic Flesh

The Jewels done in various greens.

The Team

Dwarf BB Team

Troll Slayers

Troll Slayers 1Troll Slayers 2

I am really happy with these two, I do love painting Slayers.


Blitzers 1Blitzers 2


Runners 1 Runners Two

Line Dwarfs

Line Dwarfs


Overall the Dwarf Blood Bowl Team looks good.  The new models are a far cry from the old one.. Infact my old ones are now in paint stripper.   They can be pain to put together, but you get over that.

This team is not complete.  I still have the Death Roller, Grim Ironjaw (slayer star player), Josef Bugmen (both Player and Coach Star Player) and Grombrindal (The White Dwarf) Star Player.  But these are in the pipeline no coming just yet.

What is on the Desk

Well after painting the Blood Bowl Dwarf Team, I have Necromunda….    Yep got some of the new models they look awesome so I am going to paint them up.


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