Egyptian BMP Battalion (1973)

I’ve finished my first Modern Spearhead unit. It’s the core of a Egyptain Infantry Battalion for the Yom Kippur war. I’ve still got to add the organic mortar company, but I’m waiting on an order from PicoArmor that includes those miniatures and a heap of T-62s.

The structure of this Battalion is 3 companies of infantry each mounted in BMP-1s. They’re not big companies so each has only 2 stands. With my basing of 2 vehicles per stand that means 12 tiny little BMP-1s plus one for the Battalion HQ.BMP1-Battalion-01BMP1-Platoon-01I’m pretty happy with how these turned out. I like the labels and I find them legible (they’re a 5pt font), but my eyes are decent for that kind of stuff. The NATO symbols are unnecessary and don’t really help, but they make me happy. As well as the BMP-1s I also had some ZSU-23/4 to make up the AA company, and and a couple of BRDM-2 (part of the Recon company).ZSU234-Company-01BRDM2-Platoon-01Much to my chagrin there is a hair on the BRDM-2 unit I didn’t notice until I was resizing the photo. There is a little more of the Recon company to come, some PT-76B that will round out that company. I really should have just left it out and uploaded a picture when its friends arrive.

The aim is to have an Independent Armoured Brigade to oppose a couple of Israeli Armoured Battalions. Then we’ll see where to next from there.

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