Flames of War US Armour Tank Crews

Another batch of vehicles for this commission. I spoke last post about the two different crews (or at least crew appearances) that were included. Today it is the turn of the ones wearing tanker uniforms.

First up we have some M10 Wolverines; these are open top tank destroyers. So you actually get a look at a few of the crew in there. Battlefront have gone 100% plastic with these guys and I’m pretty impressed with them. I mostly used the little guys from the box, but I did mix in a couple of ones that I’d converted from some spare crew that I had around.

The other vehicles in this batch have the tank commanders, so it’s two Shermanns (one 75mm and one 76mm) as well as a Stuart.

I’ll end by giving some pictures of the entire force. I think they look pretty nice all lined up.

And here they all are waving to the camera.

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