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Flock Box is a great tool, those people out there that do Scale Rail modeling will have seen similar products by Noch etc.  essentially we charge “Static Grass” and put a opersite charge on the miniature and base.  This causes the grass to “Jump” on to the base, where we have hopefully applied glue.





So why have one, well to quote WarPainter (if you don’t know his work please look it up, fantastic stuff)

“Flockbox is a unique and versatile flocking device that allows flocking of small to medium size objects at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a commercial device.

‘Flock’ is nylon fibres like fine hair and is available in a huge range of colours, it is used to create the velvet feel on objects such as jewelry boxes, car dashboards, toys etc….. It can also be very hard-wearing.
Flockbox uses an electrostatic charge to attract the flock fibres onto your glued surface resulting in the fibres standing on their ends in the glue.”
So not only to save money, but also to give a more realistic layer of “grass” on bases of miniatures.  Something that I aim to do every time I base a stand or a miniature.
I have used my flockbox for some time, the Deadpool miniature was finished with this, and while it is hard to have photos of it in action the result was rather pleasing.
I found a few things that annoyed me, first I had to get a power supply, to get the flockbox I already had to spend more than $50, so spending more was not something I wanted to do, the guides say 6V, well I skipped that part and got a 9V, 2 Amp power supply, I did have a 6V, 0.8amp supply here but it was just not enough.  The bigger supply should help with everything, and it did. Not long after that Warpainter did send out a message saying you can use a 9V supply.
Second thing that got to me was everybody was really happy they got a number of baggies of different length flock and in that some different shades. I got a bag of mixed length (which separated out) in Green and Yellow, this was not what I expected.
In using this I have found you need a little more glue, but the over all results are fantastic, no more hoping I get the fibers to stand up, or buying tufts, as I can now make them, separately or make them on the figure.
I am still working on getting more static grasses, and I hope to find some more at the model train shows coming up, over all it is a great tool, and I will find it useful as I complete more models.
I give it 4 out of 5.
If you are looking for one please check out ebay, and warpainters website .
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