French Corner shop

The French Corner Shop is by a company out of Perth, in Western Australia.   Called JTC Laser-cutting and Design.  It is a quite an attractive building, and being an Aussie startup I should support them.



It is a good looking building.  and will look great with some furniture inside of it as well.

the Kit comes on two pieces of MDF.


Putting each floor together is pretty simple, just get each piece and glue.

Two walls on


It is very quick.  The only thing is I would have taken off the MDF label, but that is just me.

Two floors done

I put some plastic putty in the gap around the front door corner panel, it just helped clean it up

The window frames were easy to put around and it was quite simple to get all sorted.

The roof I did a little differently, I made the top of the roof come off, so there is still a floor there.



It is now all assembled, I put more plastic putty where the squared edges meet an angle, so it tidies it all up also where my gluing was sub-standard.


I like it, it looks great and is robust, the next job is to paint it, I think it is going to be a fantastic addition to the Terrain for the up coming bolt action tournament.  It is important to have shops in a french village, so this French Corner Shop is a great addition.

Check JTC Laser-cutting and design out.

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