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The paints them selves have a large range, but they are on the upper end of the price scale at a RRP of $11.50 these are possibly the most expensive paints on the market. With most paints under $10 these had better preform.

The Contrast Bottle Size

Unlike the normal GW paints with are 12ml. The contrast paints are 18ml. The standard dropper bottle by Scale75 or Vallejo is only 17ml.

Different paint different containers
Paint Pot size Comparison

Contrast Paint in Action

The contrast paints flow very well, as you would hope. I feel however you do have to be careful of what undercoat you use. I have just used the GW Wraithbone undercoat for Contrast. It seems to be a polyurethane satin finish paint. The contrast paints seem to flow better over the smoother finish of the undercoat.

The project I choose for this review was the GW Nurgle Blood Bowl team.

Wraitbone undercoat
Wraithbone undercoat for the Contrast Paints

While there is nothing new about painting with washes or filters, this is the first time I have seen a product designed for single application in an acrylic. I use filters all the time, however they are all oil based.

On first application I feel I went in a bit heavy, the green for nurgle armour pooled a little more than would have liked. The paint did flow well, but the thickness of dark pools on some of the models was getting to me.

Dark pooling evident on some parts on some models.

I also found that you have to be very need otherwise the subsequent colours interfere with each other. The depth of shade reached was very good.

Try to be neat it will help in the long run

I like the ability to wet mix on the models as the paint does take a bit of time to dry if you have a loaded brush you can blend colours though each other, like the skin, the red irritated skin and the yellow/greenie infected skin area’s. Blending with these I feel you could do some pretty amazing effects.

Wet Blended Skin Infections

Non Metal Metalic’s are a thing with this range as well. There needs to be a little work. For Gold for instance, a Grey Base, with Nazdreg Yellow followed by a highlight of screaming skull will look very good. For a bronze look, Wraitbone, with Gore-grunta Fur, and a highlight of Beastigor flesh, and a wash of Nihilakh Oxide. *NB the Games Workshop App Citadel Colour has all the recipes for painting these.

Final Thoughts

Overall I think that GW are working very hard to bring people back to GW products. Once I used play every GW game there was, not it is BB maybe a skirmish game they make. Don’t get me wrong I loved the GW games of Fantasty and 40K but neither I want to play now. however the models they now make are amazing, the paint range is clearly aimed to get people in to the hobby, which is good. I feel the contrast paints are a good way to get in to painting, however they cost a bit more than other paints. But for those that are time poor and don’t have the time to learn other painting techniques, these paints will allow them to get models completed and on the table.

Over all they are a good range but you need alot of the range and that is a downer, it is clear that the paint ranges by GW are meant to work together, and the APP is a great piece of kit. Like most paints I will keep them in the tool kit, but are they my favourite no, that is still my Scale 75 Paints.

Games Workshop Nurgle Team
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