Graveyard’s add a very nice feature to any gaming table, put a village with it, and you have something that adds a little theater to the game.   Over the last weeks I have been busy making terrain for some of the 28mm games I play.  This week it has been all about the graveyard.

The graveyard I have been working has been a great project, I am very happy with the finished piece, and I hope to get it on to the table soon.  I didn’t want it to be too big, in fact I wanted it to be only a small feature, so it can work in any game system that uses a table size from 3 x 3 to 6×4 or bigger, I will also get a church that will go with it, but for now I am just going to get this on the table and work on the church later.

I started with a piece of 3mm MDF and rounded out the corners on the band saw, sanded and smoothed everything over.  I wanted to do a walled type grave yard so I went and picked up some 4Ground Walls.  These are great, I get some broken sections as well.   The head stones are from Aetherworks, as is the coffin in the open grave.  The grasses are from Noch, the dark green is 6mm in length, all applied with the static grass applicator that I made along time ago.   There is also some longer fibers from Woodland Scenics, and then there is stuff that I have simply picked up all over the place, the Tree was in a Monday Knight prize pack I got at Winter war for best army, and it looks very good.

I am not going to go through the build process in detail, I am very happy with the end result, and if I had more time to source more materials, which I really could do, but then it wouldn’t be finished.   This is also the first time I have gone all out and made something that looks as good as it is practical.  Most of the terrain pieces that I have done in the past have been build more the practicability and robustness, as I tend to treat gaming terrain rather poorly.

So here is a bit of the construction and the finished piece Enjoy.

With those last images some are still where the glue has not completely dried. I would love to get my photo booth setback up, but I need some Australian lighting for it, I only have lights from the US.

The church I want to add to this is going be from a local Australian company, called Battlefield Accessories  they have a fantastic looking destroyed church, which I think will look great when used with the 4ground and Battlefield Accessories destroyed buildings. But the 28mm stuff has to slow down for a while, seems I need to get cracking on some 15mm terrain.

The next project will be a whole heap of Roads, rivers, and hills for 15mm or 1/100 scale terrain.  if I can get that done quickly enough I might have enough to at least look like it can cover 2 tables worth of terrain.

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