Hospitaller Commanders & Mounted Sergeants

I didn’t get time to take photos of these earlier (things have been a little crazy). But they were ready for the tournament a few weeks back so that is the most important thing. These are commanders, which are essentially just tokens in ADLG so they can be on almost any sized bases. I use 20mm discs.

As well as the three options for individual commanders I have also painted one as an included commander. In ADLG some lists let you include your commander in a unit. This limits your play options, but it’s a bit cheaper. However it’s important you can identify which one is the commander and as things get a bit chaotic it can be all too easy to forget which one is which. I’ve used a cross bearer in a base of my Brother Knights to do this. The set I used, Legio Heroica’s Mounted Hospitallers command – Cappa Clausa (CRU-08), comes with 3 figures: the cross bearer, officer with sword and trumpeter. To make the 3rd commander I took the Brother Knight replaced on this base and put him on his own base.

The more significant work was some Mounted Sergeants. These guys are less elite versions of the Brother Knights I painted quite a while back. The colours are the same as I’ve used throughout the Crusader project.

I painted 6 bases of these and this gives me 10 bases of Hospitaller Knights which is q pretty decent sized body of Knights on an ADLG army.

The colours are the same as I’ve used throughout this project, so nothing new there.

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