June 2024 Recap

Our Necromunda: Underhive and Frostgrave campaigns continued in June, along with many other games being played.

The Necromunda Dominion campaign kicked into high gear with the Take Over phase. During this phase of the campaign, players are attempting to take control of other players’ territories which were gained in the Occupation phase. Surprisingly, not many territories have changed hands as very few attacks were successful.

Meanwhile, the Frostgrave campaign has gained momentum with more wizards joining the fray. We now have six players fighting over the treasures scattered throughout the frozen city. Loot was secured, some soldiers died, many demons were summoned, and unfortunately one wizard was killed.

Other games played this month include Star Wars: Legion, Glory is Fleeting, Alpha Strike, Legions Imperialis, and Saga.

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Crudboy's initiation into war gaming was with Battletech way back in high school, where he spent more time creating 'mechs with his friends, and not nearly enough time actually playing the game. Since then, Crudboy has dabbled in so many different tabletop games that he no longer remembers which rule goes with which game. His latest loves include, but aren't confined to, Frostgrave, Gloomhaven, and Gaslands.

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