Ke-Ho Colours

Some colour thoughts:

The following colours are inspired by Battlefront’s hobby article on painting 15mm WW2 Japanese armour. I’ve no idea how accurate this is and frankly don’t really care: they’re just inspiration for me as the Empire of the Blazing Sun never existed and ball tanks aren’t a real thing either.

  • Base: Green Brown (VMC 70879)
  • Splotch I: Reflective Greem (VMC 70890)
  • Splotch II: Flat Brown (VMC 70984)
  • Line: Desert Yellow (VMC 70977)

Before slapping this on a miniature I figured I would try it out digitally. I’ve taken these colours from Vallejo’s own brochure, but let’s be honest I’m not sure how accurate that is. None-the-less this test swatch only took 5 minutes and $0 to create (which is much easier than getting out the brushes and buying pots of paint) so I think I might continue with it and see what I come up with.


The other option is to do the line with Green Ochre (VMC 70914), but when I tried this is disappeared into the background. This scheme is off the Battlefront guide and what inspired me, but as you can see below I don’t like it so much. It look’s better in BF’s picture so this might be down to the accuracy of the PDF of Vallejo’s brochure.

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