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I missed last weeks post, living in a hotel is not conducive to getting stuff to write about, but we have found a house and not it is back on the important stuff, gaming…

Kingston Kup is a Flames of war comp held down in Tasmania, they boys down in Hobart put on a comp each year and the Monday Knights normally send down a group to catch up with friends, and play some games against people we normally don’t get a chance too. This year is no different, and this year I am making the time to go down and play as well.

For the most part I was going to play an easy transport army, but the comp this year requires many different lists.

Below are the Rules for the Tournament.

Kingston Kup 2015
Late War Tournament
29th and 30th May 2015
Battery Point Community Hall Hobart
This will be a “Late” Late War escalation tournament played over 5 rounds and 2 days.

Lists can be drawn from the following Late War books (Late War Books released before April
2015 will also be included):
Blood Guts and Glory
Devils Charge
Bridge at Remagen
Desperate Measures
NachtjagerThe following PDFs will also be included:
Panzers to the Meuse
Gebirgsjager in the West
Fuhrer Brigades
*All lists must be derived from the same company diagram.*
Warrior teams will be permitted.

Players using a PDF derived list MUST have a copy of their PDF available for the Tournament Organiser and their opponent to reference during play.
You must have a written copy of all special rules pertaining to your army available for your opponent to access at any time during your game.
You may submit more than one 1750 point list if you wish given that there are 2 rounds at this level. You must nominate which list is to be used for which round prior to the tournament commencing by indicating which 1750 point list is to be used for the Domination round (Preferably on the list itself when you submit it for checking).
Mission options will be determined by a dice roll on the day. Round 3 will be an I-95 Domination style mission: either Standard Domination or Blind Domination.
Lists must be submitted (preferably in Easy Army or Forces of War Format) for points values as follows:
Day 1
Morning Session
Round 1: 1250 points (Free for All or Counterattack)
Round 2: 1450 points (Breakthrough or Surrounded)
Afternoon Session
Round 3: 1750 points (Domination Mission)Day 2
Morning Session
Round 4: 1750 points (Fighting Withdrawal or Hasty Attack)
Afternoon Session
Round 5: 1945 points (Dust Up or Cauldron)
Scoring will be based on the Flames of War V3 system. Ties will be broken by the highest number of 6-1 results and then the highest number of 5-2 results etc.

So my list is from Panzers to the Meuse, I have used the list before and I like it, fast and fun to play more importantly I didn’t have to paint anything.


KK-1250-Alt-1 KK-1450-Alt-1 KK-1750-Alt-1 KK-1945-Alt-1

I am looking forward to the tournament, it has been a while since I have had the chance to play FoW in a Tournament, it will be interesting to see how differently FoW is played in the US and Australia now.  My list as you can see really placed all the eggs in one basket, It should be a fun list to play with, it will be interesting to see how I go with it.

There will be a short break next week as I unpack a shipping container load of gaming gear into my house, but I will get an AAR done up shortly there after.  The biggest question will be if the internet is connected in time.  well I guess we will see.


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