M1 Abrams Tanks

These have taken me an age to paint, they’re quite large with quite good detail. It’s also not super exciting painting and they’ve been sitting around in various states of half finished. Colours and processes are the same as for the M113 and variants (see ).

I’ll start with the 2 command tanks (I’ve never actually run 2) numbered 55 and 66:

I’ve also got two full platoons, each with 4 tanks (numbered 11-14 and 21-24).

Lastly a picture with all ten of them. Again more proof I actually have 10 and didn’t just mix up pictures of a couple.

Mainly for my own purposes of adding another platoon, these are the sizes of the drill bits I used on the gun barrels. Not much interest unless you plan on doing the same, but I’ve got to write this down somewhere. I didn’t do all of the MGs; I did do all of the main guns though. You can see how it looks in the photo below (I think it makes everything a lot better).

  • Main Gun: 0.9mm
  • Coax MG: 0.6mm
  • 50mm MG: 0.4mm? (maybe 0.3mm)

I’ll end with a couple of comparison pictures with the M113s; both to show just how large the Abrams is and how they fit together nicely.

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