Making Gloomhaven Treasure Chests

Actually, the title is a lie. This isn’t a post about making treasure chests … more like buying treasure chests. Because, why fumble about with craft when you can buy great, affordable, minis from the Wizkids Deep Cuts range. In fact, between the Deep Cuts and Nolzur’s Marvellous Miniatures ranges, you can also replace most of your Gloomhaven monster standees with great looking minis.

The Chests pack gives you four undercoated treasure chests, which consists of two different chest minis both opened and closed. All you need to do is paint them!

I tried out a few different colours schemes when I painted mine, and here’s how they turned out.

The table below lists the colour combinations I used. 1 indicates Vallejo paints, and 2 indicates Citadel paints. As for the washes, manufacturer usually isn’t a factor, so go with your favourite, though I do like to thin down my black ink so its not so … black.


Wood colour Metal Banding colour
Base: Rhinox Hide2, Drybrush: Deck Tan1, Wash: Black Gunmetal Grey1, Wash: Black
Base: Old Wood1, Drybrush: Deck Tan1, Wash: Black Glorious Gold1, Wash: Brown
Base: Gorthor Brown2, Drybrush: Deck Tan1, Wash: Black Brass Scorpion2, Wash: Brown
Base: Japan Uniform1, Drybrush: Deck Tan1, Wash: Black Balthasar Gold2, Wash: Brown


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Crudboy's initiation into war gaming was with Battletech way back in high school, where he spent more time creating 'mechs with his friends, and not nearly enough time actually playing the game. Since then, Crudboy has dabbled in so many different tabletop games that he no longer remembers which rule goes with which game. His latest loves include, but aren't confined to, Frostgrave, Gloomhaven, and Gaslands.

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