Making Stuff: Frostgrave Giant Worm

Making a Frost Grave Worm


One of the things I like about Frostgrave is that it gives you so many opportunities to make stuff. When I started playing, one of the first things I made was a Giant Worm for The Worm Hunts scenario from the original rulebook.

After some googling I came across The Sword and the Sprue website with details on using a coat hanger neck as a frame for making a giant worm. So after butchering a plastic coat hanger from my children’s wardrobe, I attached it to a piece of card (chipboard/boxboard) with an insane amount of hot glue. Next, I wrapped the coat hanger in air drying clay and began “sculpting”. I went for a Dune sandworm sort of look but gave it a mouth with five … lip … things. I sculpted some rough rings around the body and a few lines on the inside of the mouth. After it had dried (about two days later), I used the pointy ends of some toothpicks to add teeth, and I also layered some hot glue around the base to form the dirt mound around the worm. I textured the top of the dirt mound with some various sized grit, glued down with PVA.

Lastly, I glued on a few spots of fine grit to the worm’s body, which are supposed to look like clods of dirt stuck to the worm.

I painted the body with a cream base coat, brown wash, and then a white dry brush. I repeated this back and forth until I had something I could live with. The inside of the mouth was a purple/red mix followed by a brown wash and the teeth were ivory and brown wash. The dirt base and clods on the worm’s body were various shades of brown, then a brown wash, then a lighter brown dry brush. Hmmm… yeah… dirt clods or giant worm eczema, I’ll let you be the judge.

In the end, I’m happy with how it turned out. It makes for a good Giant Worm, or zombie carnivorous flower, in any setting.


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Crudboy's initiation into war gaming was with Battletech way back in high school, where he spent more time creating 'mechs with his friends, and not nearly enough time actually playing the game. Since then, Crudboy has dabbled in so many different tabletop games that he no longer remembers which rule goes with which game. His latest loves include, but aren't confined to, Frostgrave, Gloomhaven, and Gaslands.

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