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Continuing my journey into Malifaux I spent a heap of time painting a bunch of bases using the same colours as the Arachnids, and now it’s on to actually painting some figures. I’ve started with Joss as he’s got a nice large area of easy to access muscular skin and I wanted to try a couple of skin techniques I’ve had bouncing around in my head for a while.
The head, torso and arm was done as follows. I used a couple of techniques from Matthieu Roueche’s Miniature Mentor video. The first is the order of applying shadow and highlights. The order they are below is the order I applied them in. Switching between highlights and shadows makes it easier to hide errors and helps to get a smoother result. The other technique is using highly watered down paints. The base coat was diluted with 3 parts water and the shadows/highlights with anywhere from 3 to 5 parts water. This means you need a heap of coats, but it gives a really smooth result.

  • Flesh:
    • Base: Brown Sand (VMC 70.876).
    • Shadow I: 50% Beige Brown (VMC 70.875) & 50% Brown Sand (VMC 70.876).
    • Highlight I: 50% Desert Yellow (VMC 70.977) & 50% Brown Sand (VMC 70.876).
    • Shadow II: Beige Brown (VMC 70.875).
    • Highlight II: Desert Yellow (VMC 70.977).
  • Hair:
    • Base:Black (VMC 70.950).
    • Highlight I: Black Grey (VMC 70.862).
    • Highlight II: London Grey (VMC 70.836).
  • Overalls:
    • Base: Prussian Blue (VMC 70.965).
    • Shadow I: 50% Dark Sea Blue (VMC 70.898) & 50% Prussian Blue (VMC 70.965).
    • Highlight I: 50% Pastel Blue (VMC 70.901) & 50% Prussian Blue (VMC 70.965).
    • Shadow II: Dark Sea Blue (VMC 70.898).
    • Highlight II: Pastel Blue (VMC 70.901).
  • Glove:
    • Base: US Field Drab (VMC 70.873).
    • Shadow: English Uniform (VMC 70.921).
    • Highlight: Green Ochre (VMC 70.914).
  • Boots:
    • Base: Black Grey (VMC 70.862).
    • Shadow: Black (VMC 70.950).
    • Highlight: 50% London Grey (VMC 70.836) & 50% Black Grey (VMC 70.862).
  • Belt:
    • Base: Black Grey (VMC 70.862).
    • Shadow: Black (VMC 70.950).
    • Highlight: London Grey (VMC 70.836).
  • Necklace:
    • Amulet: Gunmetal Grey (VMC 70.863).
    • Amulet Wash: Black Shade (VGC 71.201).
    • Strap: Red Leather (VMC 70.818).
  • Gas Tank:
    • Base: Bronze (VMC 70.998).
    • Wash: Tracks Wash (A.MIG-1002).
    • Dry Brush: Gold (VMC 70.996).
  • Construct Arm:
    • Inside: Bronze (VMC 70.998).
    • Inside Wash I: NATO Camouflages Wash (A.MIG-1008).
    • Inside Wash II: Tracks Wash (A.MIG-1002).
    • Inside Dry Brush: Gold (VMC 70.996).
    • Outside I: Bronze (VMC 70.998).
    • Outside II: Gunmetal Grey (VMC 70.863).
    • Outside Wash: NATO Camouflages Wash (A.MIG-1008).
    • Tubes Base Black (VMC 70.950).
    • Tubes Highlight: Black Grey (VMC 70.862).
  • Axe:
    • Handle: Leather Brown (VMC 70.871).
    • Handle Wash: Tracks Wash (A.MIG-1002).
    • Axe Head: Oily Steel (VMC 70.865).
    • Plug: Gunmetal Grey (VMC 70.863).
    • Axe Head & Plug Wash: NATO Camouflages Wash (A.MIG-1008).
    • Power Cable: Black (VMC 70.950).

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