Steam Arachnids

Another voyage into a completely different system. This week it’s Malifaux by Wyrd Games. First off I want to say I’ve never really given plastics much thought; I guess I was a little old school and hadn’t really moved on from metals. The quality of Dust’s figures hadn’t really sold me either: great vehicles, but soft detailed infantry. However, I’m in love with the Malifaux plastics. They’re on a par with the Knight Models Batman miniatures, but because they’re plastic they’re able to be much thinner without bending or breaking.SteampunkArachnidx3-1a

Arachnid Colours:

  • Base: 30% Gunmetal Blue (VMC-70.800) & 60% Silver (VMC-70.997).
  • Wash 1: Brown Blue Wash (AK-070) – diluted 50%.
  • Wash 2: NATO Camouflages Wash (A.MIG-1008) – diluted 30%.

Flagstones (Base & Highlight):

  • Luftwaffe Uniform WWII (VMC-70.916) & Medium Sea Grey (VMC-70.870).
  • London Grey (VMC-70.836) & Stone Grey (VMC-70.884).
  • Stone Grey (VMC-70.884) & Sky Grey (VMC-70.989).
  • Blue Grey Pale (VMC-70.905) & Sky Grey (VMC-70.989).
  • Sky Grey (VMC-70.989) & White (VMC-70.951).


  • Base: Flat Earth (VMC-70.983).
  • Wash: NATO Camouflages Wash (A.MIG-1008).
  • Highlight: Brown Sand (VMC-70.876).

The other details on the bases are a mix of various metals either washed with NATO camouflages/Track Wash or splotched with rust coloured pigment powders.


The three of them together also work well.

I’ve got a heap more of these I need to paint. I have a swarm and another 3 individual ones to finished. If I’m honest I think I could also do with another 6 individuals and a swarm. This would make 12 individual arachnids and 2 swarms. This is quite a few and in all likelihood I’d never get all on the table at once. But in my last game I had about 8 on the table at one point – and it could have been more. While 1 swarm will be typically what ends up being used I could see myself getting to 2 if things went well.

The bases are from Tabletop-Art who do some nice characterful bases (Ancient Machinery is what I’m using for Ramos’ crew) and other terrain pieces.

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