MK1881 Ares Blood bowl Team

MK1881 did a kick starter for the Ares Blood bowl team, I want to say around a year ago, I recently dipped the toe back in to commission painting.  One of the members of the Melbourne Blood Bowl League had this team and really wants to play with it, however it was not painted.   Being a fantastic looking team I took the commission.


Full Team

It has been a long time since I have done a commission because I have way too many projects on the go normally, but this one I really wanted to paint these models so it was a good one to take, I also used it to work on my 2brush blending.

As for the painting, there are somethings I wish I had of done a little differently and some things I want to re-do, the bases on the daemons are an example of what I want to do again. and some skin tones need some more work.  The metallic all came up fantastic.  I used P3 paints for all the colour work and a combination of P3 and Vallejo for the metallic’s.

Side on
Khorne Herald 1
Khorne Herald 2
bloodletter 1
Bloodletter 2
Bloodletter 3
Bloodletter 4
Pit Fighters














This team was a lot of fun to paint, and I really did enjoy painting it.  I made a notes on what I can improve for the next commission, and what I can do better in terms of consistency.  Originally I was only meant to paint 13 of the 16 but that would have left 3 models that would not have fitted in with the team, so doing the whole team made scene and that is what I will do for any others I end up doing.  The paints I use are also changing, for fantasy and sci-fi models to more P3 paints, the vallejo paints in the brighter colours don’t blend as well as I would like and takes a lot of work to get looking consistent, the P3 are made for this style of painting and they work very well indeed. I wish they would do a historical line of paints, but they have said that wont happen, so I will use the Vallejo for that.

Some of the photos are a bit fuzzy because the tripod is on carpet and and pressing the shutter release button causes the camera to shake a little, something I will have to correct next time.

If you are interested in these miniatures go to Maki Games

If you are into Blood bowl or were in to it but have not played for a long time in Australia look up Ausbowl for your local league, or even start your own league with your gaming group, there is alot of good software out there now that can manage the league for you, and makes like a lot easier.


What is on the table?

I was silly enough to take on a 2nd commission, this time it is Norse, but a Scottish flavored Norse team, it should be interesting to paint.   Also my Chaos and a Dwarf team to paint.  Hmm maybe painting Blood bowl for the next year the way I am going.

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