More Terrain

More Terrain, yep I have been flat out building and painting terrain, why cause I really couldn’t be stuffed with painting minis for the moment.  So while I lack the motivation for Mini’s I have worked on some terrain.  This is more a dump of everything I have not done in a full post.  So there are a few pieces in here that over all look great and I want to see how they look on the table.


Malifaux Hanging Tree

So the hanging tree terrain piece is a nice center object.  The tree it’s self is a Games Workshop plastic tree out of the last of the Fantasy boxes, and I picked them up off a friend that had no need nor want for them any more.  I didn’t know what to do with them for some time, till I got back in to Malifaux a little. So here we are.  I filled the bottom with putty to add some weight and the base is just shaped MDF it is possibly too big but hey looks good.





















I grabbed the idea for these off another blog 18Charlie, and then got to work, they look fantastic I do intend to do quite a few more over the next few months.

The big differences between mine and the original blogger are the size particles I used, and I also used some Woodlands Scenics Hob-e-tac(tm) to secure it, I also use some purple crystals as bunches of fruit.

Village Track Level crossing

The track started off as a piece of HO scale track, which I cut on the band saw and made it fit to the scale of the Flames of War Battlefield in a Box Terrain, and glued it all back together. This is the first time I did this so this is really a test piece, I have some idea’s on how to make it better and I will revisit this again in the near future.


Rocky Edge hills.





































These hills are for either side of a rail line or river, they are something different, and add quite a lot to the table, the hard edges are just tan bark cut and glued to the foam of the hill then everything is coated in pva before sand and ballast are added to the top.  I now have an idea for a few extras ones of these for bridges  etc.

River Sections





































The river section are masters I will put in to Hydrastone and then cast in latex.  The base is MDF and banks are Milliput with some tan bark for Rocky features, then sand and course ballast are added, then a more than one coat of PVA to set everything down. I will do more river sections with other types of rocks at some point but for now this is a start, and goes well with the other latex river sections I have already.  Before I put this in hydrastone, I will add some mold release.

The wide river section and spur will add a bit to the river.


Creek Sections





































Same process as the river sections, I will do more of these as well, I think you can never have enough creek sections like river sections. I really need more sections to add variety as well. I will get there with all these.

What Next

Bridges and Fields to start with, then I need to go and expand everything I have before getting some Buildings.


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