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In the interest of continuing to jump around projects like a mad man I’ve got a new project lined up. Myself and a couple of others will be running some demo games at Little Wars, which is a convention that runs down here in Melbourne (Australia). Now, where still working out the details of what we will be doing, but basically I’m going to need to paint some Dust minis and build some terrain. Fortunately I’ve been wanting to do these two things regardless. So Little Wars gives me a clear motivation and a deadline; two things that greatly improve my productivity.

My plan for miniatures is to put together 4 platoons of SSU forces. Each platoon will contain about 150 points worth of stuff. Were focusing on the cool stuff so we’re not going to make the platoons legal. In short we’re dropping infantry in place of support. Now, I’ve already got a bunch of stuff painted or in progress so this post is going to introduce my 4 platoons and show a picture of where they are at this instant. Future posts will feature complete platoons and also some work on terrain.

Heavy Tank Platoon (146 pts)

  • Nikolai (SSU hero)
  • Fakyeli (SSU close combat squad)
  • Ohotniki (SSU rifle squad)
  • IS-5A (SSU heavy tank)

HeavyTankPlatoon-startThis platoon is almost complete, all there is to finish is Nikolai, which is just one figure.

Strike Platoon (150 pts)

  • Medvedi (SSU command squad)
  • Frontoviki (SSU battle squad)
  • Mil Mi-47A (SSU attack helicopter)
  • KV-47A (SSU medium walker)
  • KV-47C (SSU medium walker)

StrikePlatoon-startAll the infantry and the helo are complete. However that leaves the two walkers still to do. One is fairly progressed, but needs to be weathered and the base is pretty dull. The other is straight from the box so it needs some work.

Anti-Tank Platoon (152 pts)

  • Koshka (SSU hero)
  • Red Thunder (SSU anti-tank squad)
  • KV-47M (SSU medium walker)
  • KV-47D Aero (SSU airborne medium walker)
  • Mil Mi-46 (SSU walker transport helicopter)

AntitankPlatoon-startNothing in this platoon is finished. Koshka, the infantry squad and one of the walkers are untouched. The other walker needs some work again on the weathering and base. While the helo is pretty close to complete. It’s just the rotors that need work.

Assault Platoon (176 pts)

  • Yakov (SSU hero)
  • Fakyeli (SSU close combat squad)
  • Mil Mi-45 (SSU transport helicopter)
  • Mil Mi-47D (SSU attack helicopter)
  • KV-3M (SSU heavy walker)

AssaultPlatoon-startAnother platoon that needs a lot of work. The infantry is done and the attack helo is close (just needs its bombs and pilots painted). Yakov is also pretty far progressed and just needs to be touched up and his base done. However, the transport helo and heavy walker are pretty much untouched. I need to strip the helo as it was done a fair while ago before I got my airbrush.

So there it is; this project is a big one. Overall there are 8 infantry, 3 helos and 5 walkers that need to be finished. Then there’s terrain on top of that as well as just organising everything. Still I have 2 months to finish. Let’s see how I do.

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