Nightstalker: Mindscreech

The Nightstalker Mindscreech was the first of the model I wanted to paint: It is big, and cool looking.

MindScreech Concept art

I a;sp wanted to get back into 2 brush blending. It is not something I have done in a long time so I am very rusty. Using some Scale75 paints, GW, P3, Coat de Arms, Vallejo and Foundry paints I put together a pallet I was happy with.

The pallet is quite dark to give an overall feeling of nightmares and bad dreams. Dark minis are great, just don’t use mix paint on a bight palette. I use a wet palette, and it has a yellow foam base. So as Colour Relativity kicks in the tone of the paints ends a little yellow and bight. But this isn’t the true tone of the paint, as the yellow interacts with its true colour. You end up over compensating and it goes very wrong.

Front Mindscreech

Nightstalker: Mindscreech 1 Nightstalker: Mindscreech 2 Nightstalker: Mindscreech 3 Nightstalker: Mindscreech 4

I am not 100% happy with my paint job on the Mindscreech. I think I could have taken some of the blues brighter, and the toned down the brain a lot. My blending was not perfect and it shows I am out of practice with the 2 brush technique.  I had to go back twice and redo the brain and the blues, I could have gone back a 3rd time for each as well.

My original plan was to use GW’s contrast paints as a base for the brain. Howwever, that didn’t pan out as I was unhappy with the brightness. I also had planned to use one of the two purples in my collection that was a very old bottle of GW Liche Purple (yes I still have plenty of old bottles of paints). This proved to be way to bright so I used Scale75’s Sunset Purple.  The Scale75 paints are fantastic to work with they are my favourite.

This is a cool model and now that I see it finished I wish I had used some different colours.  That said, it is time to get on to the next model.

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