Painting the Ogre Blood Bowl Team

Full Ogre Team

Yes I know more ogre’s.  The Ogre Bloodbowl Team that I assembled here and following on from the fantastic job that Shadow did here I too have now painted my team.

The colour scheme was Blue and Orange.  I had intended to do this team with only contrast paints.  However the more I used them on test pieces the less I like them.  I will be going back and doing a whole set of models with them soon, just to update my thoughts on that range,  I had some issues, firstly the plastic when I used the GW undercoat delaminated a little.  This is where you get little bumps or lines on the surface once it’s painted.   I got over that and got into the painting.

These were all painted with the Scale75 paint range. 


Six Ogres all ready to play

The first Ogre (Ogre #1) I did I was not really happy with the skin tones, so the next five I did I added an extra lighter tone.  I am still not that happy but I will get over it.

Skin Colours

  • Indian Shadow SC23
  • Arabic Shadow SC22
  • Pink Flesh SC21
  • Basic Flesh SC20


  • Sol Yellow SC40
  • Mars Orange SC39
  • Aldebaran Red SC38


  • Deep Blue SC55
  • Caribbean Blue SC49


  • Black Leather SC32
  • Brown Leather SC31
  • Orange Leather SC28


  • Rainy Grey SC60
  • Thar Brown SC61
  • Mojave White SC62


  • Thrash Metal SC64
  • Peridot Alchemy SC78

I am pretty happy with the result, the Ogres look good on the table if we every get out of Isolation to get it on to the table. 



I agree with Shadows assessment these guys do make the team.  Now are they a weapon (see Ogre #2) or a tool?  Regardless of the answer these were a blast to paint. The fact I did these first it was good fun.  

The oranges and blues were as above.  The Skin however was different.


  • Slimmer Green SFG23
  • Goblin Flesh SFG24
  • Toxic Waste SFG25
  • Orcish Dermis SFG19

These are from Scale75’s Fantasty Range, and out of the Orc and Goblin Paint set.   I am happy with the team, it should serve me well.


but now on to a new paint project. I am thinking some Saga, Order of St John.

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