Ogre Bloodbowl Team

Games Workshop released a new team in December, the Ogre Bloodbowl team.  I just happen to have on gifted to me for Christmas.  So very happy.  Another one of our members has also picked up the same team and painted it up already you can find that article here. Shadow did a brilliant job on these minis.  I am here to review the mini’s  and put my spin on the paint Job. Ogre Bloodbowl Team 1 The Frame are quite nice, though you only get 2 Ogre’s per frame, for a team that can have up to 6 that is a problem.  For me that meant that Shadow had got two boxes and I purchased a 3rd frame off him so I have all the Ogre’s now. Ogre Bloodbowl Team 2 Ogre Bloodbowl Team 3 It is a well laid out frame easy to get to all the parts of the team.  


Ogre Bloodbowl Team 4

Ogre Bloodbowl Team 5


Ogre Bloodbowl Team 6

Ogre Bloodbowl Team 7

They go together well, however there are many mold lines that need to be removed. While it did not take long it was needed on each model. The biggest problem I had was that there are only a few poses for each body, and the arms only fit on to some bodies.  Inorder to make a different posses some moulding was required. 


Ogre Bloodbowl Team 8


The knoblars are only in two parts the body and head, which seem too big for the body, however they give some good character to the team. 

Ogre Bloodbowl Team 9


I like the team , I am hoping that I will get paint on the models soon enough.  


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