Pak40 Anti-tank Gun

I had the Pak40 on the table at the same time as the 88, really I should have finished these along time ago, but the lack of motivation was a killer.


Black Tree Design Pak 40 and Crew


The 7.5cm PaK40 was big setup from the 5cm PaK38, even though it was heavier, it delivered a much bigger punch.  It was fist deployed on to the Russian Front to combat the new T-34 and KV tanks the Russians had produced.  It did find it’s way into the North Africa theater as well.  Where combined with existing Pak38’s and the devastating 88, they made life very hard for Allied tankers.

Camouflaged German 7.5 cm PaK 40 anti-tank gun position, North Africa, 1941
Camouflaged German 7.5 cm PaK 40 anti-tank gun position, North Africa, 1941

As part of the Midwar upgrade package to my Bolt Action and Chain of Command 28mm units, this ATG will be a great addition to the army.  I know it is a lot of points, but it looks pretty, and that is all that matters.

Again I used the same method I have used on the tanks and 88 for this with modulation and chipping the paint, added in all the filters and pigments.

Pak40 next to the 88 after modulation
Pak40 after chipping and filters.


Finished PaK40

Overall this is a fantastic model. If I had any problems with the model or the crew it was that the crew has really big hands, like as big as a head big.

I still need to get hold of a Pak38 and a Pak36 they are next on the shopping list, I think once I have them all, I will take Pic’s of them all beside each other and post them up.  Might see if I can get hold of a Pak43 as well.

The Paint on these is slightly darker, I wanted to show some age on the models so the models that can be used in Early war are lighter and more faded to represent what happened to the Tropical uniforms out in the desert sun.


What is on the Table….

The 15cm Nebelwerfer 41, because everybody needs a rocket launcher in 1942.


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