Random 28mm Fantasy Miniatures

These are quite an eclectic bunch of 28mm fantasy miniatures I recently finished painting for a commission (so I’m not sure of the manufacturer for most). A mixiture of old GW metals and more recent resins by garage and small manufacturers. Nothing particularly special, but this has been the bulk of my painting for a while. Life outside of miniatures has been busy and so painting has been a bit down for me the last few months. However, life outside of miniatures has now conspired to give myself (and I’m sure many others out there) a lot more time for inside activities. My FPS skills are up, and painting is also on the increase. So expect to see a bit more from me on the blog. I’ve done these miniatures in a bunch of groups and kept these for the photographs.

A dark elf blood sacrifice crew and an accompanying female vampire. These are all metals (I believe some old GW sculpts).

A dark elf corsair crew, their armour is a metallic blue. Another bunch of metals (again I believe GW).

More old GW metal miniatures, this time it’s some Minotaurs.

Three Vampire cavalry, I really like the dinosaur. I have a couple of other dinosaurs I’ve got in my pile of stuff to do. Looking at this guy I think they’re going to jump up my priority queue.

Some odd plastic dwarves (pretty sure they are3D modelled sa their details are very blocky), that painted up better than I thought. The elves are metal miniatures and I really like these.

Three Blood Monks (as I termed them while painting), the middle one is metal and the outer two resin. I really like these 3, I think the red with white trim on the senior, armoured, monks looks great. And the junior, lighter armoured, monk in the middle with his plainer robes gives a bit of a storey. I found these resin miniatures, and the others below, not that good. The details are really soft, deep furrows and large ill-defined bumps. I’m not sure who makes them, but I wouldn’t recommend them.

A group of pirate/swashbuckler style figures. These are all resin; I repeat the above comments from the Blood Monks here.

A bunch of dwarves, all metal here. I went with a blue and gold scheme and gave many of them red hair. Great little miniatures and I think have come up great.

More dwarves, a mix of metal and resin. I kept up with the blue/gold scheme. The middle 3 are the metals and the others resin. And for the resins see above.

Here we end with a couple of the other miniatures that didn’t particularly fit in with any of the other groups. The two on the right are both metal and I really like the Pilgrim witch hunter in particular.

My morality tale for this batch of miniatures is to take a good look at any resin producers out there. I’ve seen some manufacturer’s pictures of these and they look better than the sculpts that were in my hand.

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