Romans, yep, Romans….

I have finally gotten paint on the Romans that I purchased back on 2007. I bought the army for Field of Glory, after looking at DBM back in the day and well.. hating the type player that played it, FoG was a real change of pace.

We all love a Roman army right?

then I might have gone overboard….

While I started with Romans for FoG, I never got around to painting them for FoG. I did 7 stands of Romans for DBA, but I lost interest in FoG when it became clear the games would take hours to no conclusion. People seemed happy with that. I wasn’t so it all stopped, enter 2017 and this new shinny game that we were shown Art De La Guerre, and it is up to 3rd edition….

This was a change of pace, all the pieces I had fitted right in to the Triumvirate Roman list. More so the game it’s self lasted two and bit hours had a clear conclusion, what a refreshing change. I dug out all the Romans I had and got to painting.

These are part of a range I have no idea where they are from, which is a pity as they are very nice models.  I would do anything to get more.  The image quality is pretty poor, cause I used my phone, not a camera with good lighting.

Old Glory Romans, they are not as good as the others, but will look good on the table.

The Gladiators are from Eureka, Elephant is from an source I can’t remember.

Old Glory Commander with some random house men.

Overall the army is coming along, I still have 8 more stands Romans, and some support elements to do.

So where did I go overboard….

Yep that would be Warlord games 28mm Romans as well. These would also be pushing 10 years old.

What is on the work Bench.

I have a commission right now that I am working on, some Indians for a Wild West game.  I also have some Romans, and some Bloodbowl stuff to do.  so many projects so little time.

The Blog and what is next.

As you can see I have updated the look and feel of the blog, I have also go some images back.

The images were a pain, because I have to go through each post and re link with the new service, which I created myself. It acts and feels like photobucket but I don’t have to extort myself to get the images linked, I will be using that from now on.

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