Rubicon Models M4A3 Sherman 105

I picked up the Rubicon Models M4A3 Sherman kit some time ago, I have finally had a chance to sit down and build this kit.

I am always impressed with the amount of options that Rubicon Models packs into each kit.  It is something I look forward to each time I build one of these kits.

Lets start with the frames, they are well layed out and really easy to see where everything is for each type of Sherman you could possibly build.

The lower hull is again just two pieces, and it goes together very quickly.

Add on the Transmission cover on the lower part of the hull and assemble the tracks.

Glue the Two tracks to the lower hull and add on the upper Hull.

Turret time, this took a little longer as there are more parts to fit together and clean up.

Time to add all the extras on to the hull, the MG, lights boxes etc.  and it is complete.

It took me longer to write this post than it did to assemble the tank, it is fast to assemble these gaming kits, it is quite refreshing the bigger scale models I do can take quite along time to assemble, but they are not gaming models. Now it is complete and ready for priming before I get to and paint this sucker up.

I really do like the rubicon models kits, I am waiting until I have bit more time, and I will start getting together some LW German kits for Bolt action, some Panzer IV’s, StuG’s and Panthers.  With the quick and easy builds and look great on the table what is not to love about the rubicon models kits.





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