Ruined WWWII Buildings

I received some laser cut MDF buildings a couple of weeks back. These are from a Kick-starter done by Commission Figurines. They’re 28mm scale which is ever so slightly on the small side for Dust, but really it’s not very noticeable and without the height boost provided by the figure base would probably be perfect. These buildings are really just WWII, but I’ll be using them for Weird WWII, as I don’t play WWII.

Anyway, because they’re MDF I need to paint them. The aim is to have these in some sort of readiness for Little Wars. I have 4 such buildings (each made of six piece like you see here) so there’s plenty todo as well as some figure painting.

The corner building is most of the way there, the only steps are some time with the airbrush to add some more black smoke marks and to dirty it up some. The base will also have to be painted at some point, but that should be easy. I’ve included Yakov to give some idea of the scale.BerlinStrass-WIP01BerlinStrass-WIP02BerlinStrass-WIP03The next couple of pictures are one of the side buildings (there are 4 corners and 2 sides to each building). This one is really just base coated (and in fact there’s still some work todo on the bricks on the bottom story.BerlinStrass-WIP04BerlinStrass-WIP05

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