Russian Vehicle Commission IV

Some progress at long last. No WIP pictures this time, just vehicles. Sooooooo many vehicles. The colours and techniques are the same as the T-72s so the WIP pictures and colours wouldn’t reveal much.

First some Artillery: a small battery of three 2s1 Gvodzikas/Carnations.


Next some AAA: a very small platoon of 2 ZSU-23/4 Shilkas.


A picture of all of the support attachments together.


Now some BMP-2s to move infantry around. Not sure why you’d play Cold War infantry: it’s about the tanks, helicopters and planes. If you want infantry play Flames of War or most other eras. The Cold War is about the toys…


To increase the options I also painted the BMP-1 turrets (they’re all magnetised of course). They can be simply swapped on. They’re not perfect (the lid is different), but for wargaming they’re closed enough.


I’ll wrap this barrage of pictures up with one last shot of all the ground vehicles together (21 total vehicles).


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