Saga Order of St John Crossbowmen


My 2nd point for my SAGA warband is Order of St John Crossbowmen.  I have used Fireforge Templar Infantry I have used 8 of the box as Crossbowmen.  With 24 in the box I have two more units of 8 to paint up, one with Spears and one with hand weapons.  That will give me up to 4 Warrior points to use once they are painted.  However I can only field as many crossbowmen as I have Hearthgaurd, as they all mounted it it s going to be a long time before I get everything finished for this warband.

I have used my Scale75 paints on these, the more I use the scale75 paints the more I like them.  The reds are great to use, as are the skin tones.

These models are very nice, each of the heads is slightly different, from face shapes to features of the face.  It is something I really only realised while I was painting, possibly because I have had these for 5 years and never painted them.


Overall I am happy with these, the spiky tufts from Gamers Grass look great and add a really nice texture element to these.   The smaller Tufts I can’t remember where I got them from it was years ago.

On the Work Bench

As I did this post two week ago, I am not sure what is going on the desk right now. I have more Saga, more 15mm Medieval and more importantly I have the start of my British Napoleonic force it has just walked in the door.

Those are by AB Miniature and look great..  but I have to finish some of these projects I have been sitting on for years…

I might even have to squeeze in a star of Mechs there as well.

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