SAGA, a game set in the dark ages. Vikings raiding the world etc.  what is there not to love.   I have two very unfinished war bands for Saga, the Jomsvikings and Scot’s.  I have only had them since the game came out, a very long time ago, of course what is embarrassing is that I have never played a game either.  Well with the latest addition to the rules out, Crescent and Cross, moving the battle’s to the middle east, I finally find something to bring me back to painting knights.


With Saga it is a very neat system, but you can’t take it too seriously. it is more a beer and pretzel game, but that doesn’t mean it is not a good game, people seem to love playing it. The real beauty is that you get to paint colourful war bands that don’t contain that many troops, so the project is started and finished before you can think.  There are more manufactures of 25 – 28mm Dark Ages miniatures that you can poke a stick at.

Just to name a few

Eureka Miniatures

Gripping Beast

Saxon Miniatures

Fire Forge Games

Hero’s of the Dark ages

Artizan Designs

Foot Sore Miniatures

Conquest games

Wargames Foundry

Old Glory

Perry Miniatures

Westwind Productions

Renegade Miniatures

Black Tree Design

Irregular Miniatures

Essex Miniatures

Newline Design

Casting Room Miniatures

I am sure there are more one day I might even get around to created a list on this site that has all the manufactures and what they supply.  So there are just a few to be sure, and they all have some fantastic miniatures, that can be used for all saga games.

For me I am going to use some parts of my old GW models, and mix in with some of the Fireforged game models to do a Templar order.

I have some of the Fireforged models and while they are quite dynamic and and look great when you see them, working with them has proven to be a pain. I have had to fill alot of problems with plastic putty and generally clean up.  I still need two or three more knight figures, I am tempted to get another box of the fireforged figures just so everything looks uniform, but the models are a bit of a pain.

What’s on the Painting table

Right now I have a Chaos Bloodbowl team on the table. I really should be working on my entries for Cancon painting but I have not got the motivation right now.  I do need to set myself a deadline for that, and also work out what I am playing if anything at cancon in 2016.


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