Sohei – Warrior Monk

I don’t do a lot of work in progress pictures. However, I felt in the mood while doing this guy a little while back so I took a couple of pictures of him as I gradually made progress. This is a 28mm figure from North Start Military Figures that they’ve released in companion with Osprey’s Ronin game. Ronin is described as a cinematic Samurai skirmish game. It’s a pretty cool, fast little game. The theme also invites bright, stylised miniatures.

In the first picture, I’ve finished the skin and his yellow under-cloak; I’ve also just done the first coat of blue on his cloak.Sohei-Naginata-WiP-01The next 3 photos show the blue cloak all done and the tiny piece of armour visible over his groin.
Sohei-Naginata-WiP-02Sohei-Naginata-WiP-03Sohei-Naginata-WiP-04Now he’s done. As I said, I don’t often take WiP pictures, so I’m not very good at stopping and then taking a couple of shots.Sohei-Naginata-WiP-05Now, more for my purposes than much else, for the colours used. First the three cloth colours: blue, white and yellow.Sohei-Naginata-Colours-BlueSohei-Naginata-Colours-WhiteSohei-Naginata-Colours-YellowNext comes the various woods and the armour.Sohei-Naginata-Colours-BrownsSohei-Naginata-Colours-Details

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