Soviet BA-64B

Another random project in what is the year of random projects. This time it’s a Soviet WW2 armoured car, I’m sure anyone following along had that in their top couple of guesses.

This model is actually a scale plastic kit by Tamiya, as part of their 1:48 range of armoured vehicle kits. It’s a great little model and goes together pretty easily with some plastic glue and a little bit of filler on a couple of the joints. You can see a picture below of it nice and clean after I’d finished construction and painting.

Because it’s WW2 armour and it’s Soviet it has to be nice and dirty: chips, rust streaks and and application of mud to the lower surfaces make it look a little more ‘used’. From the front you get a good look at the chipping and streaks (rust and general dirt and grime).

I use a mix of AK interactive and Ammo by Mig products for weathering. Their products are pretty similar and seem almost interchangeable.

I also mix some plaster of paris with some very fine sand to give the dirt some body, otherwise as just pigment powders it looks a little flat. The bottom gives you a nice look at exactly how it goes on, I’m not at all careful with how I apply this stuff. It is mud after all, so it’s not going to be neat.

The game system I would use this with is either Dust, to go with my SSU forces or Alternative Events – WW2. So while this is a completely stock WW2 vehicle it still has a place in these sort of Weird WW2 games. As not every vehicle, in particular a light scout, is going to necessarily have the latest and greatest equipment. In the WWW2 settings there are still plenty of regular guys fighting the war armed with rifles and machine guns. Here you can see the vehicle (on some bases to give it a bit of a lift) next to a figure rom AE-WW2. He fits perfectly with the scale of the vehicle (even though he’s not painted).

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