Soviet Navy Fleet

I’ve been a bit slack posting, but still fairly productive in my painting. This Cruel Seas fleet is another paid job for a friend. I’ve mixed the colours up a little this time, and made them very, very dirty. I’m pretty happy with the result, I think some of the chipping could be a little smaller, but I don’t think it detracts from the miniatures. The chipping was an additional step over the Japanese fleet and the Germans I’ve done thus far. I don’t think I’ll be putting it on the Germans, it gives the boats a very dilapidated look. Which feels right for the Soviets, but not for the Japanese, German, US or even British. That said I think I might put some light chipping on the converted trawlers as again I feel these wouldn’t have been as well looked after. The streaking it also much heavier and more varied with rust and dark brown on the lighter ships and dark brown plus green/black on the darker ships.

First there are a pair of Bronekaters (pr.1125). I’ve gone for a darker grey than the box-art with these. The historical references I found indicated the Russians went with a graphite grey on their ships.

I went much more conventional with the G-5 and D-3 MTBs: a light grey with wooden decking where appropriate. The weathering is much more obvious on these than the graphite grey ships.

For the Fugas class Minesweeper it is back to the graphite grey.

Lastly here is an example of each ship; it’s a bit too much to do the entire 11 boat fleet as they’re all fairly large.

I’ve gone a little more exciting on the plane as well with a 3-tone camouflage pattern made up of:

  • Camouflage 1: Ardennes Green (SC-45)
  • Camouflage 2: Black Grey (VMC 70.995)
  • Camouflage 3: Sand Yellow (VMA 71.028)
  • Underside: White (SC-01) & Artic Blue (SC-05) — 1:1
  • Weapons: Field Grey (SC-46

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