Star Wars Armada Fleet Tool

It’s been a productive time in Nanotank labs over the last couple of weeks. Almost no miniatures have been painted, but a couple of other miniature related projects have progressed nicely.

The first one is a fleet builder for Star Wars Armada that I’ve called swaft. I’m a fan of minimalist interfaces so it’s fairly plain looking, and it’s also fairly embrionic with a lot of features still to add. None-the-less I’m quite happy with how it’s progressed so far and I’ll be doing a bit more to make it fully functional. Maybe one day I’ll put it on a non-free host.

It’s been a really cool learning experience too. I’ve gotten to play with things like Python, Pyramid, Ajax, jQuery, SQLAlchemy, SQLite, Mako and Git. It’s amazing just how many projects out there have created a bunch of tools that make it fairly easy to produce working code pretty quickly. Particularly for an amateur like me who just does this for shits and giggles.

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