The good people at Knight Models were generous enough to send a few terrain pieces for use at PAX Australia. While most of these are being assembled by Mind Games Melbourne (who are helping me out). One of the items I am assembling is Knight Model’s SWAT Van. This model is laser cut from 3mm MDF and went together really easy. I smoothed out the edges with some Squadron Green putty and added clear plastic sheet windows (old blister packaging). Aside from that it’s pretty much just been assembled and painted straight from the kit.


I didn’t use a heap of colours for this guy, but still a few:

  • Body: Dark Grey Blue (VMA 71.054).
  • Wash: NATO Camouflage Wash (A.MIG-1008) diluted 1:3.
  • Wheels: Gun Metal Grey (VMC 70.863).
  • Tyres: Black (VMC 70.950).
  • Window Frames: Oily Steel (VMC 70.865).
  • Lettering: Sky Grey (VMC 70.989).
  • Stripe: Dark Blue (VMC 70.930).
  • Shield: Medium Sea Grey (VMC 70.870).
  • Brake Lights: Scarlet (VMC 70.817).
  • Indicators: Bright Orange (VMC 70.851).
  • Headlights: Golden Yellow (VMC 70.948).

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