Painted Prowlers and Intruder

Painted Prowlers and Intruder 1

The last week has seen quite a bit of painting progress, with a couple of partially completed pieces put aside until after the Dust had settled. One of these projects was a chunk of Dropzone Commander stuff. The unit I’ll feature today is some Prowlers. These lovely little fellas are a small close combat walker that’s supposed to get nice and close to a target tank and inject hot plasma through a proboscis that it spikes through the armour. Really, they just want to get nice and close and cuddle with tanks – they’re just misunderstood.Painted Prowlers and Intruder 2

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Painted Dropzone Commander

Painted Dropzone Commander 3

Another post and another change of topic. This time its Dropzone Commander (a 10mm Science Fiction game I’ve mentioned a couple of times previously). These minis had been sitting on my desk until I though of a scheme I liked and after a fair bit of back and forward I went with a Tan/Green striped … Read more

Dropzone Commander Skimmers

Dropzone Commander Skimmers 4

My chosen Dropzone Commander faction, The Scourge, use skimmers. According to the fluff these sit about 2-3 feet above the ground levitated by some advanced alien technology that no one really understands (Arthur C. Clarke: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”). As Dropzone Commander vehicles are not based I have, like most others, … Read more

Dropzone Commander Plastics

Dropzone Commander Plastics 5

Dropzone Commander, produced by Hawk Wargames, has been around for a while. The game is in an odd little scale – 10mm – that’s not particularly popular (6mm and 15mm on either side are quite popular). This game has created quite a bit of debate: it’s not cheap, it looks spectacular and is not the … Read more