Adepticon 2015 part 1

Adepticon 2015 part 1, I finally have time to sit down and write about my experiences. I finally got to be a con attendee and just spend time walking around talking to people who allow us to experience events like this.



I did a lot over the four days of the con so this is going to be broken up in to two or three articles, there was way too much to do for me to fit it all in one article.

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10mm Monorail

10mm Monorail 1

I’ve been working on a few terrain pieces the last couple of weeks in preparation for Conquest 2015 where I’m running a tournament. One of the scenarios I’m planning on running is Moving Target which require a monorail/train to act as the moving target. Hawk Wargames sell a Monorail that fits in perfectly with the Art Deco vibe of the buildings. I wanted something fairly modern looking and not too bright – public transport is usually fairly subtly coloured. I spent a bit of time browsing various real world liveries and eventually settled on a two-tone grey scheme with red accents. A bit of time with the airbrush, masking tape and brush provided me with the following.


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Dropzone Commander Tournament

Dropzone Commander Tournament 2

I’m running a Dropzone Commander tournament on the 5-APR-2015. If you’re in Melbourne (Australia) and interested in a game of Dropzone Commander then head on down to Melbourne High School and participate in Melbourne’s inaugural Dropzone Commander tournament. More details can are on a dedicated Reconquest 2015 page. Signup is available at the Conquest website. … Read more

4Ground 10mm Terrain Review

4Ground 10mm Terrain Review 3

One of my Cancon acquisitions was a couple of 4Ground’s new buildings for Dropzone Commander. These were a prize supplied by War & Peace Games. These kits come flat packed in a zip-lock bag and are made up from pre-painted MDF and thick card. 4Ground have used a number of different thicknesses and colours to provide some texture and depth to these buildings. Something that is noticeably lacking from most MDF kits, which have a habit of looking very flat.

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Cancon Pictures

Cancon Pictures 4

I didn’t take many pictures this year, mainly as I was playing. While the playing didn’t go too well I had a blast – mainly destroying buildings which won me a couple of 4Grounds 10mm Art-Deco buildings as a prize. These will feature in a later blog, as they’re pretty sweet. Now, however it’s just a handful of pictures.DSC_0002

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1500pt Scourge Force

1500pt Scourge Force 5

Things have been a little quiet here: mainly due to the holiday season and the extra-curricular activities that entails. However, the other big event here is Cancon, which is Australia’s largest gaming convention. While it has not yet occurred, I’m playing 2 days of Dropzone Commander and I have needed to finish painting my Scourge. As a result it’s been a fair bit of painting and organising things and not so much blog posting.

However, I figured to put something up I’d throw up a picture of my forces and the list. First the picture:


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