10mm Monorail

10mm Monorail 1

I’ve been working on a few terrain pieces the last couple of weeks in preparation for Conquest 2015 where I’m running a tournament. One of the scenarios I’m planning on running is Moving Target which require a monorail/train to act as the moving target. Hawk Wargames sell a Monorail that fits in perfectly with the Art Deco vibe of the buildings. I wanted something fairly modern looking and not too bright – public transport is usually fairly subtly coloured. I spent a bit of time browsing various real world liveries and eventually settled on a two-tone grey scheme with red accents. A bit of time with the airbrush, masking tape and brush provided me with the following.


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4Ground 10mm Terrain Review

4Ground 10mm Terrain Review 2

One of my Cancon acquisitions was a couple of 4Ground’s new buildings for Dropzone Commander. These were a prize supplied by War & Peace Games. These kits come flat packed in a zip-lock bag and are made up from pre-painted MDF and thick card. 4Ground have used a number of different thicknesses and colours to provide some texture and depth to these buildings. Something that is noticeably lacking from most MDF kits, which have a habit of looking very flat.

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Cancon Pictures

Cancon Pictures 3

I didn’t take many pictures this year, mainly as I was playing. While the playing didn’t go too well I had a blast – mainly destroying buildings which won me a couple of 4Grounds 10mm Art-Deco buildings as a prize. These will feature in a later blog, as they’re pretty sweet. Now, however it’s just a handful of pictures.DSC_0002

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1500pt Scourge Force

1500pt Scourge Force 4

Things have been a little quiet here: mainly due to the holiday season and the extra-curricular activities that entails. However, the other big event here is Cancon, which is Australia’s largest gaming convention. While it has not yet occurred, I’m playing 2 days of Dropzone Commander and I have needed to finish painting my Scourge. As a result it’s been a fair bit of painting and organising things and not so much blog posting.

However, I figured to put something up I’d throw up a picture of my forces and the list. First the picture:


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Painted Destroyers

Painted Destroyers 6

Not a huge amount of progress at the moment. It’s coming to a pretty busy period with a lot of work and also a lot of social activities. Both of these combine to mean not a lot of miniature progress. However I have some Dropzone Commander minis that I’m quite happy with.

The Destroyers are a race of cuddly teddy bears that the Scourge took over at one point and turned into massive, cuddly, weapons of destruction. I personally think they’re just misunderstood – not all 10′ tall creatures with guns in both hands, big teeth and scary eyes are dangerous. Anyway I’m quite happy with how they’ve come out: the bright colours of the weapons help to make them a bit more interesting than just grey and brown.SCRG-Destroyers1

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