Mannequins 2

I’ve been excited to paint Colette’s Showgirls for a little while, but also somewhat intimidated. Most of my painting is fairly earthy in tone. It’s mainly military camouflage which is usually pretty drab and green/brown (for obvious reasons). However, I’ve got a real chance with the Showgirls to step things out to brighter and more vibrant colours. So while the Orc State bloodbowl guys were a bit brighter, I’m now going to pretty it up a little and get a fair bit brighter.

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Mechanical Doves

Mechanical Doves 3

A few simple models, and the start of my Colette crew. I haven’t finished every model I’ll use with Ramos (I haven’t even finished my core crew to be honest), but I’m keen to do some more interesting colours and the showgirls will give me plenty of chances to use some pretty bright and vibrant colours.

Before that though I wanted to just get some things painted – to whit I’ve quickly done up the three Mechanical Doves that come in Colette’s box. I didn’t go wild with these; they’re pretty cool little miniatures and I think adding to much more will just make them distracting. One thing I did do with these was to paint the base colour on with an airbrush.


First the colours for the dove themselves.

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More Steam Arachnids

More Steam Arachnids 5

I painted another 3 steam arachnids and that now means I’ve got 6 fully painted up. I have another 3 I will paint soon, although I think 6 should suffice for most games. Still, maybe I just go crazy one time and throw spiders out for the sheer joy of it. As I was painting these I noticed 2 of them were missing their funnels. I have no idea when or where they fell off, so I think I’ve got to deal with them never being there. Funnily enough, none of the ones I am yet to paint are missing theirs. I’ve put all 6 completed spiders together for their class photo.


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Howard Langston

Howard Langston 6

Howard is my favourite Malifaux miniature at the moment. In the game he’s amazing; expensive and fragile, but amazing. He’s pretty easy to get in position, works really well with Ramos, can do 3 attacks in a turn and has a instant-kill trigger. I suspect most of you who have played Malifaux will have either run or met him, so don’t need me to tell you what he’s capable of.


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