5 Hoplites for Mythic Battles Pantheon

A little continuation of the Mythic Battles Pantheon project. Another troop unit, but this time it’s time for some Hoplites. Now, historically the Spartans would have been called Hoplites (and also probably would have had a spear as their primary weapon) so the last post and this one are a little mixed up. However, this … Read more

3 Spartans for Mythic Battles Pantheon

Mythic Battles: Pantheon (MBP) is a miniature boardgame produced by Monolith Board Games. MBP features characters from Greek Mythology in a 2-player boardgame; essentially collecting items from a board and controlling areas. Monolith are a French mob who Kickstart games with heaps of miniatures and end up with pledge totals in the millions. Not miles … Read more

Vanguard First Contact


The First contact I had with Kings of War: Vanguard was interesting to say the least. The books and miniatures arrived, and we jumped right in.  When we started playing games it was with small 100 point forces to get used to the mechanics. I learnt the hard way, didn’t use the rules correctly, had to learn … Read more