Brass Arachnid

Brass Arachnid 1

There’s not a huge number of colours on this model. It’s mainly about modulating the colours. Again blue is a feature of the flame to tie it together with the other models (in particular the Electric Creation). The filters applied to the body were dilute and applied unevenly; the intent is to give some colour variation. The brown makes the pale yellow metallic richer. The brown blue wash hints at oxidized brass and adds some more depth and interest (in particular in some of the recesses).


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Electrical Creation

Electrical Creation 2

I’ve shifted from Bloodbowl to Malifaux for a little bit. I’ve got a bye in Bloodbowl so it will be a few weeks until I play again. While, in just 3 short weeks I am playing in a Malifaux tournament (Twatifaux). As a result I want to get as much painted as possible so as to give me variety in what I run. This little guy doesn’t spend long on the board to be frank. I tend to be killing him in order to create a scrap marker that then starts my Steam Arachnid engine. Still, one day I might keep him round past turn 1.


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Ramos 4

Another Malifaux figure done. This scheme is more like the box art, but I wanted to make the coat a little more of a sea blue colour to it. I’m going with a blue theme for this crew. It’s the Arcanist colour and I think it suits Ramos. I’ve used the same colour on the baby arachnid he’s holding that I used on the larger Arachnids that I posted earlier. Again blue to tie it all together.


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Steam Arachnids

Steam Arachnids 6

Another voyage into a completely different system. This week it’s Malifaux by Wyrd Games. First off I want to say I’ve never really given plastics much thought; I guess I was a little old school and hadn’t really moved on from metals. The quality of Dust’s figures hadn’t really sold me either: great vehicles, but soft detailed infantry. However, I’m in love with the Malifaux plastics. They’re on a par with the Knight Models Batman miniatures, but because they’re plastic they’re able to be much thinner without bending or breaking.SteampunkArachnidx3-1a

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