Black Orc Blockers

Some more progress with my Orcs, the Black Orc Blockers are now done. Again, I’m happy with how these are turning out; I’ve got some momentum going on with these guys.


The colours are, in large, the same as the linemen. The main difference is I used a darker skin tone on the blockers. Firstly to add a little visual interest and also to help when playing (it makes it easy for me and my opponent to identify the different player types).

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Orc Linemen

Another new system? No, this system has been round for years…


My scheme is based on the Penn State University uniform: dark blue and white. Penn State was where I did my post graduate education and it seemed a good enough colour scheme to try on my orcs. The green of their skin offsets nicely and I felt like the challenge of white, but not too much white. For those who don’t follow US college football, this is what I’m going for:

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