Soviet BA-64B

Soviet BA-64B 16

Another random project in what is the year of random projects. This time it’s a Soviet WW2 armoured car, I’m sure anyone following along had that in their top couple of guesses. This model is actually a scale plastic kit by Tamiya, as part of their 1:48 range of armoured vehicle kits. It’s a great … Read more

4 Viking Bezerkers

4 Viking Bezerkers 23

Bezerkers are meant to be crazy and nothing says crazy like a half (or fully naked) north European with that look in their eye. Give them something sharp and point them in the general direction of shorter people, and well … it’s not really a surprise that they hit England like a Semi-Trailer and were … Read more

Painting Factory Seconds Gaslands Gates

Painting Factory Seconds Gaslands Gates 28

Unfortunately there is still no opportunity to do any physical wargaming with Melbourne still in Coronavirus lockdown. I have played a couple of games of Battletech using Tabletop Simulator. While satisfying and a good chance to catch up with my gaming mates, I do miss rolling dice & moving miniatures. In between games & waiting … Read more

First World COVID Problem – No Paint Stripper

First World COVID Problem - No Paint Stripper 33

Here is another one that falls under the “First World COVID Problems” banner. I have tinkering with the idea of updating my 1990’s 2nd Edition lead Skaven Bloodbowl team to the current Plastic & Fine Cast resin versions. To maintain some potential interchangeability, I thought that I would paint the new Skaven miniatures in the … Read more