Tree’s, Tree’s everywhere.  On the Terrain building exercise, this week it is all about trees.  I have been working to get as much done as possible over the last week, ready for a big day here playing some Flames of War.


For my Tree’s I had to break out the tools, the bases are all 3mm MDF which I cut shapes on the bandsaw  I did a number of different area pieces as well as some Linear pieces’s as these are basically for Flames of War but will also work for 28mm games as well.

The Autumn tree’s.

I started these one’s like the rest cut and sanded the MDF so it was easy to work with, then played around with the trees, and glued down the bases of the tree’s.  Here I am using the Woodland Scenic’s Armature Tree’s

The Foliage is a mix of both the Woodland Scenics fine foliage, and normal Autumn foliage, this provides a fantastic look.  Once I was happy with where everything was going to end up, I glued down some ballast and sand mix I use on all my mini’s.

Then it was off for a black undercoat. While that was drying I did the rest of the tree’s in the same method.  Except this time I was using black brush on paint for under coat as I was using ready made trees by Noch, they come in a mixed bag of tree’s of different types and sizes so they add some real variation to the the tree bases.


I used both the Noch Tree’s and the Armature tree’s on a lot of the bases just to add that variety even further.  The Armature tree’s are great the start of flat with a bass attached, and you can twist and shape them how you want, the end result is something different each time you do a tree.

Once I had all the bases done, undercoated and ready for the next step, paint.

I used a number of different shades of brown, as I really want them for Europe style bases.    Once all that was dry and I was happy with the colours, I started on the static grass, again applied withe static grass application tools I have, so it stands up, for the Autumn base I used browns and golds with some scatter of dark green generally as longer pieces in the base.  For the green Tree’s I used shades of green, mostly 4mm grass but added in some 10mm just for a bit of depth.

To glue all the foliage on to the Armature tree’s I used contact adhesive, I think investing in some Hobby-e-tac might be a good thing.  But the foliage does stick very well,  and looks great.

Then I added in some scattered leaves and we were done.  The other bases I didn’t quite go to this length but they have turned out better than I could have hoped.



What is next on the table.

More terrain, some fences, Hill’s and ponds.  I have alot of plans for terrain but I need to make it all. that takes time, alot of time.

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