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Just a quick update with four new Mechs for Battletech. These are Unseen sculpts which are from the earliest days of Battletech. They’re called Unseen because of legal disputes that caused the creators to have to pull the designs and all the art. The internet and hoarders are a thing now, so you can still get at them and I’ve built this collection of a few over a number of years. They’re painted in the same Donnegal Guard scheme as the ones from a couple of weeks back and the colours are the same.

First we have a Wasp. The Wasp is a light Mech with not much in the way of weapons (a medium laser and SRM-2). However it can jump and has plenty of speed to make it tricky to shoot.

Next, we have a Stinger, which is very similar to the Wasp. It’s main weapon is the Medium Laser, but it has two Machine Guns instead of the SRM launcher. Again, it’s a scout Mech and it’s built for speed not stand up fights.

The Locust is one of the classic light mechs. This Mech is all about speed. The armament is identical to the Stinger, but it’s got more speed and less armour.

Last we’ve got a big boy Crusader. At 65 tonnes, this one weighs 5 more tonnes than the other 3 combined. It’s slower, but it has a lot more armour and weapons: 2 LRM-15, 2 SRM-5, 2 Medium Lasers and 2 MGs.

The next picture of the 4 together shows just how much larger the Crusader is than the other 3.

I’ll end with a picture of the light lance I’ve now got ready and painted. It’s the 3 light Mechs from this post and the Commando from the last. There’s another Commando still to paint, but I’ll leave that until I get a few more heavier Mechs.

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