US Army Apache Helicopters

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted. I guess with ANZAC day having just passed it should be something more Australian, but US Army count as an ally. Moving on, I’ve painted a couple of Apache gunships. Overall I’m quite happy with these. I’ve moved away from the black windows as I think this would turn the whole model into one very dark blob. The window adds a bit of visual interest and I’ve added it to a couple of other 3mm models that will be added over the next couple of weeks.

AH64-Apache-01AH64-Apache-02AH64-Apache-03AH64-Apache-x2The paint scheme for these is pretty simple:

  • Base: USA Olive Drab (VMC 70.889)
  • Tyres & machinery: Black Grey (VMC 70.862)
  • Dry brush: Stone Grey (VMC 70.884)
  • Outer missile pods: Cruise Tank Green (VMC 70.700)
  • Windows: Dark Sea Blue (VMC 70.898)
  • Window highlighting: Pale Blue (VMC 70.906)

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