USMC Transport Helos

Just a quick update with another batch of USMC helos. There won’t be many more after this, I think the final piece of this force I’ll put together will be a few more AH-1Zs to round out a full strike group. However, with these 5 freshly painted helos I’ve got a fair amount of transport capacity.

First a trio of medium lift helos. The old CH-46 is still flown by the USMC, but is being replaced by the V-22 Osprey. I’ve not found a model of the Osprey I like yet, so this will remain my medium lift for the time being.

CH46-1CH46-2Next a pair of heavy lift helos. These are CH-53As, but I’ll be using them for CH-53Es (which is what’s currently being flown by the USMC). At this scale, I’ll let the rivet counters have their fun and be happy with what I want them for.CH53A-1CH53A-2The last couple of pictures compare the two helos. The CH-53s are huge, well huge for 1/600.CH46-CH53A-1CH46-CH53A-2

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