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A few weeks back Mantic Games asked for some volunteers to put together some warbands for their Fantasy skirmish game Kings of War: Vanguard. With some free toys on offer the Monday Knights were only to happy to put our name forward, and lo and behold our little antipodean club was selected to participate.

A little while later a good sized package arrived on our doorstep.

When we opened it up there starter sets, rulebooks, dice and terrain. More than enough for us all to get started.

So what we’ll be doing over the next few weeks is gluing, painting, crafting and all that sort of hobby stuff to get the minis looking good. Because they look pretty good now before any of us have put paint on. We’ve got a mix of different skill levels too, so you’ll hopefully find someone who paints at your level putting out miniatures.

We got 6 different factions, so things started by dividing out the factions, so here is what everyone has:

  • Northern Alliance: Nanotanks (that’s me!)
  • Trident Realms: Lord T
  • Forces of the Abyss: General Potus
  • Nightstalkers: Floppy
  • Basileans: Crudboy
  • Forces of Nature: Paul

Once we have some things painted, and in fact probably before, we’ll start playing some games and doing some battle reports. We’ll probably get into a campaign too once we’ve learnt the rules and experimented a little with the different options.
What that does mean is the non-Vanguard content will probably drop off a little for a couple of months. We’ll still be doing other things and there’s a whole club of other people to create content, but we want to give Vanguard a fair shake so that means dedicating ourselves a little. Some of Crudboy’s fantasy terrain will no doubt also get a feature.

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The Monday Knights are a gaming group based in Melbourne Australia.  We are happy to play just about any game at any time.

We meet every Monday night at the Auburn Bowls club in Hawthorn East, Victoria, from 6pm onwards.

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